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Let's Get Painting!

This is just the beginning! We're so excited for you and your guests to experience all things art with us!

Let us know a bit more ...

To get started, let us know a bit more details about your event such as time date and etc. 🙃

Is there any public paint your pet events?
Yes! We are always having new upcoming events added to our calendar. View our events in the upcoming events tab above!
What happens if i don't reach your required 10 people min?
If you don't reach the 10 people min for a private event. You'll have the option to cover the costs for the reminding people until you reach our required min.
I need to cancel my event. What do I do?
For what ever reason you need to cancel your private event. Just contact us by email or phone within 48 hours of your scheduled event date.

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Select A Painting Design 🎨 

Before you submit your request. Browse our painting gallery, have in mind which painting you'd like to paint for your event. We have an array of styles to fit any event or occasion. 
Contact Us  ☎️

After browsing our painting gallery, begin filling out our contact form. It's important for us to know your preferred date, time, location, event type. guest count, and painting design. Event reservations can be made up to 3 months in advance! 
Review & Confirm ✅

After receiving your inquiry we'll contact you with our pricing and options specific to your event type and submitted request. When you are ready to book we will confirm availability with our artist team, then send over an invoice that is due either before or after the event in full. 
Prepare For Your Event  🌠

Before your event, we’ll get in contact with you to re-confirm all logistics and provide helpful tips to create a perfect painting environment! 
Share & Create Great Memories! 💫

That's it! Take some pictures and create amazing memories while painting and bringing out your creativeness! Share your events photos on your social media and make sure to tag us @artsocial805 We love to see all your amazing pics! 💜