Karyn Blaney

Founder & Owner
Brief info

Founder and Owner of ArtSocial 805, Karyn Blaney is an exquisite artist with a love and passion for the arts. Having successfully earned a bachelor's degree in Fine and Professional Arts, with an artistic concentration in Studio and Printmaking from Kent State University. It truly shows her creativity and love for art.

Get to know Karyn:
“I’ve always been attracted to the creative process and bringing creativity out in others. I also love throwing parties and events so why not combine them both?  Hanging out with friends + creativity + fun = a win, right? I’m always thinking….what’s the next step, what else can we do to make art with the masses.  And now we’ve got so much to offer… we work with local wineries to bring new faces and tasters, and also work with Studios in the Park in Paso Robles to offer classes to kids and adults in or out of the area. We attract pet lovers with our most popular painting class, The Paint your Pet Class; which allows people of all skill levels to paint their beloved pets; those they have and have lost.”

Inspiring Quote:

Some my favorite things people say is, “I can’t even draw a stick figure” and they end up leaving my class with a fabulous work of art that they are proud of! A painter from one of my past events said to me one day, “this is the first class I’ve taken where I didn’t cry at the end”. For me that is what it’s all about. So join us and come paint, relax and have fun.”  – Karyn Blaney