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Get Inspired. Everywhere.
Join us at any of our upcoming workshops and create something amazing! Or stop by our Art Studio during business hours and pick up a paint brush and get inspired!
Revamped & Refreshed
Artsocial 805 has taken on a slightly new look. Offering the same creative services as before but with more Simpler options for you to choose from.
Just. Simply. ArtSocial 805.

The all new revamped ArtSocial 805. Just simply now, ArtSocial 805.
Take a look at our new revamped logo and our first "Original" logo from the Traveling Art Studio era of ArtSocial 805 back from 2016.

*Generated from online sources as a whole
4.8/5 Satisfaction

New Studio Hours

Take a look at our new business hours for our new location on Spring Street in Paso Robles.

For those that don't know, we recently moved locations, we are now officially at 631 Spring Street, Paso Robles.

Walk-Ins Welcomed
Affordable Pricing
Endless Creativeness
Any Experience Level
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