Coming Fall 2022

Beginning Fall 2022 ArtSocial805 will begin offering Homeschoolers art experiences. These experiences will be available to all students, grades K-12. Each session is 1-2 hours a week over a 4 week course.

Class Sessions

Take a look at our featured Class sessions that will be offered for youths. More sessions will be offered and or changed.

Session 1
Intro to Art basics
During this segment students will learn the basic principles of art. Students will have an opportunity to experiment with the color wheel, blending and color mixing, working with Play-Doh, weaving, shading and printing. Materials used in this segment include: Play-Doh, yarn, pencil, charcoals, brayer, ink and paper. .
Session 2
In this segment students will learn about famous artists throughout history as well as re-creating some of their masterpieces. Materials used in this segment include: paper, acrylic paint, watercolor, chalk pastels, and scissors.
Session 3
Art History
In this segment students will learn about art history. We will begin with prehistoric Cape drawings, move to Egyptian Hieroglyphics, visit Japan and try our hand at Japanese origami and printmaking and finish with American Pop art. Materials used in this segment include: pastel chalks, origami paper, and acrylic paint, paper, ink and brayer.
Session 4
Traveling the Art World…Australia
In this segment students can learn and experiment with art created around the world. We will start with Australian aboriginal art. Many of the supplies for this segment will be found in nature.

Youth & Art

For Students K-12

The Homeschool program was created to share the works of art and inspire youths to get creative.

Creative Expression
Youths will find creative expression.
1-2 hr Class of fun Learning
In person led class sessions of youths.

Get notified on new details about our new Homeschool Program, such as timing, registration dates and location of classes.