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Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

Find answers to our most frequently asked questions.

General Questions

Browse general questions about our public events and learn how they work.🤟

ArtSocial 805 is an art studio and premier paint and sip experience on the Central Coast. Known for its traveling art services from 2016 - 2023, ArtSocial 805 has now grown to open it's first studio location in Paso Robles!

Absolutely not. All skill levels are welcome, from beginners that have never held a paintbrush in their life, to advanced artists. We welcome all art enthusiasts to join and attend!

Unfortunately, no. Everyone must purchase a ticket to guarantee their seat at any of our public painting events. 

Some of our fundraiser, business collaboration, or other partnership events may be free to support a cause. Make sure to be subscribed to our newsletter to get notified. Or view our upcoming events calander periodically.

No, your ticket fee includes everything you’ll need to create a beautiful and unique painting! When you arrive you are welcomed by one of our ArtSocial 805 art instructors and supplied with an apron, canvas, brushes, paints and step by step art instruction throughout the class! When class is done, your artwork is ready to take home and hang!

* If you are attending one of our public events, wine/ beer, beverages, snacks, or food may be included with your ticket purchase (make sure to check each event description).

All our General Admission (GA) tickets for any of our public events will always include all painting materials needed such as:

  • Canvas
  • Easel
  • Apron
  • Paint(s)
  • Brushes
  • Art template (if needed or required)
  • Live art-instruction

Some but not all of our public events will include wine, beer, a beverage, or snack, with your "General Admission" ticket (make sure to check each event description).

Higher ticket tiers we may offer include “add-on” options such as cheese boards, wine, beer, or lunch meals in addition to all painting materials. These “add-on” options and ticket tiers are specific to certain events only.

Our seating is on a first come, first served basis. So if you have a few friends that you want to sit close to while you paint, you probably want to get to the venue early so you can secure your seats and paint next to each other.

*Our events start promptly at the designated time.


Yes, we are a traveling art studio. Check out our upcoming events to find one near you.

Our policy for all ticket sales for our public events are final and non refundable.

Refunds for public events will be determined either by venue cancelation, weather conditions, or other emergency worldly events. 

*Store credit or a gift card refund may be an option. Contact us for additional information about and reasoning for a refund. Not all will be accepted.

Private Events Questions

Answers about our Privately Hosted Events, and how hosting a private painting event works and what to expect.

We understand unexpected things pop-up and things happen beyond our control.

If you would like to cancel your private event just simply contact us within 48 hours of your scheduled event.

If your event has had any special requests such as a custom painting design, or if we had arranged a venue for you to have your event at. A cancellation fee may be required from the venue.

Unfortunately, we do NOT supply food or beverages.

We currently only supply all painting supplies and the art instruction; the host of the event determines the availability of food and beverages.

However we can arrange for some sweet treats to be made from Doc’s Confections.
*Not included in the final event price.

No, we do not provide any seating or work spaces such as table(s) or Chair(s).

Yes we you can! Pet photos are required for all attending guests and a exact headcount will be mandatory as we need your attending guest's pet photos to make your painting sketches.

Your guest's photos must be sent at least one week prior to your event date. Each guest must take 2-3 headshots of their pet (one pet per picture) using good lighting preferably taken outdoors. After you have collected all your guest's photos, please email them to us at:

*Please make sure to separate each of your guest by name when sending us your photos.

*A one-time customization fee of $25 will be applied to your final private event cost.

For privately hosted painting events we require a minimum of 10 people. Our maximum capacity is up to 50 people. 

If you have a guest list that exceeds 50  people; contact us directly and we'll discuss special options for you. We offer private "Large Corp" events that are suitable for guest lists of 50 people or more.

We offer a large variety of painting event styles from Fundraisers to Weddings! Take a look at our event styles we offer:

• Private Parties
• Baby Showers
• Sprinkle
• Corporate Events
• Fundraisers
• Kids Parties
• Team Building Events
• Birthday Parties
• Office Parties
• Bachelorette Parties
• Anniversary Parties
• Holiday Parties
• Bridal Showers
• Date nights and more…

The possibilities are completely endless and we can create and convert any of our event styles to match your specific event.

Yes, we can create a custom painting tailored for your specific event theme.

* A standard customization fee of $25 will be applied to your final private event total cost.

We’ll give you up until 48 hours before the start of your event to hit our 10 person minimum requirement. This requirement is made for all our private events.

If you do not meet our minimum, you would have to pay for the remaining people missing until our 10 people minimum has been reached. 

*For example: Our required guest minimum for a private event is 10 guests but, you have only 8 guests; you would simply need to pay for the remaining 2 missing guests to reach our minimum.

Absolutely! We have close relationships with a variety of local businesses like wineries, and restaurants. We'd be more than happy to find the spot that best suits you and your event theme.

*Please note some locations might charge an additional fee for hosting a private event at their venue. 

My VIPainter® Rewards & Accounts

Troubleshooting support and help with your VIPainter Rewards, points, and account.

If you happen to for get your password to your account you can always reset it yourself by visiting the "Forgot my password" page and follow the listed prompts.

Yes. We partner up and collaborate with businesses all across the central coast and in the event that they process our ticketing for a event, eligible customers who have an official copy of their receipt will be able to redeem their purchase for points.

This includes purchasing a ticket off the business / venue's official website, their hosted Eventbrite page, or directly from the business / venue either by phone, or on day of the event.

*Please note: Only ticket purchases are eligible to be redeemed for points. Other items purchased such as Wine bottles, beer, food, meals, snacks, or merch from the business are NOT eligible to be redeemed for points.

Uploading your receipts to receive point(s) is very easy.
All you have to do is email us a copy of your receipt to followed by the account holder's information (full name, email, and billing address).

*All tickets and attende receipts are verified and reviewed by us and with the venue / business for authenticity. 

If you happen to receive a "too many attempts, try again later" error. Your account may be temporarily locked or you have exhausted the amount of times you tried to login, or reset your password. This error is temporary and should disappear within 25 to 45 mins, after you can resume to login or reset your password.

We strive to keep your personal data safe from data breaches and this error is part of our safety precaution. 

If the problem still persists, and has not gone away after the time frame, please contact us directly at
We'll manually send out a reset link to the email address listed on the account. 

Your tickets are available immediately after you have successfully checked out.

After your purchase you will instantly receive a confirmation email with your purchase details, and a link to view your order. Your ticket(s) will be listed there to view.

You will also receive an additional email that contains your tickets in several different formats:

  • Apple Wallet Pass (iOS Only)
  • PDF Print
  • QR Generated pass
  • Confirmation page

*each ticket comes with a unique identifier number and barcode (QR). This can NOT be modified.

Earned point(s) from purchasing event tickets, products, or gift cards are available immediately a purchase.

Earned point(s) for completing an offer or task such as following us on Facebook are available once the task has been completed.

Earned point(s) for referring a friend are available once they join our VIPainter® Rewards and make their first purchase.

If a reward is not being applied to your cart or if you can't redeem any Rewards, your points may not yet be available or you may not yet have enough points for any of the current Rewards.

Your earned points do not expire.

However, your Rewards you redeem with your points expire after a certain time frame. Each has a different expiration, if you have any rewards that are expiring soon you will receive alerts by email notifying you before they do.

Our Rewards offers are always changing, make sure to check your VIPainter® Rewards dashboard to view all the current Reward offers.

In the event that you decide that you want to delete your account, please reach out to us directly by email at
One of our team member's will assist you to remedy this issue.

No. At this time we do not allow you to transfer your Points to any other accounts.

Recent Orders & Shipping

Support regarding our ordering process for store items, and general shipping information.

To cancel your order you can do so within your confirmation email by selecting the "View my order" link. Or if your a registered VIPainter® Rewards member you can cancel your order, tack a package, or view past orders on "Your Account" dashboard.

*If you decide to cancel your order please do so immediately. We can not guarantee it be canceled. If your order has already been fulfilled or has shipped can NO longer be canceled. 

We do not offer refunds at this time. All sales are final.

Refunds on gift cards are 14 days after they were been purchased.

Our fulfillment time is 2-5 business days depending on the item purchased.

Our shipping is standard across the US and Canada, and can very between 3 - 6 business days from the day your order was fulfilled.

*We partner with the following shipping carriers to get the best rate(s):
FedEx, USPS, UPS, DHL, OnTrac, GLS, CanPar

Your confirmation email is sent immediately after your purchase to your email address entered during checkout.

During high volume times such as during new product launches, email confirmations may be delayed 1 hour after your purchase. 

If it's been more than 24 hours and you still have not receive a confirmation email from us. Please contact us at:

Once your order has been shipped. You will receive an email with your tracking number and direct link to track your items. 

If you're registered VIPainter® Rewards member with us, you can always check your recent orders, track a package, or cancel an order from "Your Account" dashboard.

If you received any items that are, damaged, broken, or faulty. Please contact us immediately for assistance at:

In the event that you entered your shipping information wrong, we can try to cancel the order but can not guarantee it be cancelled. Alway double check your information before checking out.

*Once the order has shipped, it can no longer be canceled. All sells are final.

Currently, we only offer Shop Pay™ by Affirm® across all items for purchase. This includes tickets, products / items, gift cards, and private painting events. 

Learn more about Shop Pay™
Shop Pay offers you the option to pay in full at checkout, or to split your purchase into regular payments with Shop Pay Installments. Installment options vary by store and can be used on orders over $50 USD, including discounts, shipping, and taxes.

No. Our Gift Card never expire and can be used until they are maxed out.

If your package was lost by the shipping carrier, or was never delivered. Please get in touch with us immidetly by contacting us at
We can help identify and track the issue with the shipping carrier, and offer options you can take.


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